Monday, March 14, 2011

[Avulo] Lalli Skin Review

Avulo has to be one of the most realistically clean, and milky skins my avatar has ever worn!  The colors and the soft glow of the skin just completely appeals to me! At the end of the day Avulo is my PB&J. My characters usually a red head, so blonde kin tones tend to work best for my character. Light creamie skins Help to bring our any sort of eye and accent delicate colors and shades. If you a pink lover like me you'll love her Red, and Pink shades she makes for her lips.
There are over 12 different shades to chose from.

  • Summer
  • Summer 2
  • Black
  • Black 2
  • Natural 
  • Natural 2
  • Peacock
  • Peacock2
  • Red
  • Red2
  • Shine
  • Shines2

Each skin comes with 4 different styles, Hair bases, ect ect.
Hands down my favorite shades would have to be Summer, or Shine!
If you want a creamier colorful smooth skin <3 I highly recommend avulo!

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