Friday, March 11, 2011

Nom Nom Drool

I love clothes! theres nothing funner then being able to put together a fun brand new style to wear for the next few days. Sinstyles a classic store and I thought it needed allot of undusting. At the end of the day krius is still by far one of the best clothing designers I've seen! Theres a lot of love and work put into his creations, and its great that he's rejoined the creator scene!

Twee is one of my friggin favorite stores in all of SL the shapes Eliska makes are simply to die for. I wouldn't go any other way when it comes to body paint as well!  there completely color change, and the patterning for these is absolutely original.

Eyes- Plastik
Hair- Truth
BodyPaint- Twee
Boots- [LittleSherberts]
Skirt- T.Whore
Sleeves/Arm warmers- Sinstyle
Top- Sinstyle
Skin- Avulo

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